We are offering the PHENIX for the civilian general aviation market with many options for you to configure your personal dream machine. For Law Enforcement and Security Forces we are planning two additional models in the future.

The PHENIX will have the following basic features;
Two seats in side-by-side configuration in a fully enclosed composite carbon fiber fuselage, tractor configuration with the engine mounted in the nose, solid aluminum extruded rotor blades, ballistic recovery parachute in the tail, full glass avionics equipment, large spacious and comfortable interiors, excellent visibility, cargo room behind bulkhead and great performance and fuel economy with Rotax 914 engines. The doors can also be removed for those relaxing Summer sunset flights.

The tractor configuration of the engine, plus placing the thrust line in-line with the Center-of-Gravity, eliminates the tail-wagging, bunt-over and power-pushover tendencies some pusher engined gyroplanes have.

The Phenix models and specifications depicted on this website are considered preliminary, and subject to change . Select European and other markets might require changes to model line up and specifications.