EdgePerformance Norway was established in 2005 and started of building custom race cars and rally cars to customer spec. We specialized in turbo engines and engine management systems. On the way towards becoming who we are known for today, we have got an enormous dealer network, customer network, suppliers and not least experience and expertise. During 2013 we were certified as iRMT on Rotax 912/914 engines and sold both engines and spare parts as well as performing service, repair and overhauls. On the side since 2007 we have been converting aircraft engines with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) and Turbo or both. Since this took most of our time and was most giving working on, we stepped back from the Rotax spare part market which eat up all our time, and now only perform service/repair/overhauls of Rotax engines. Our main focus in 2014 and the years to come are establishing more dealers around the world to support and install EFI/Turbo retro fit bolt-on kits for customers. We are not able to support and supply this popular kits to the entire market on our own, and wish new dealers welcome. We are constantly working on improvements and simplifying of our products, check them out !

(R912STi 154HP/182NM) Turbo & EFI

Rotax does NOT deliver any engine with both turbo and injection. We have done something about it. Here we combine the best of two worlds. The result is a beast of an engine. Our experience with this conversion is incredibly positive. We make such a conversion based on a standard Rotax 912ULS 100 HP. 

Fitted to these aircrafts and more: VL3 Evolution, WT-9 Dynamic, Shark, Sonex, Dobble Ender, Kitfox, Rans S6 C-II, Trixy Aviation Gyro, Xenon Gyro, ELA Gyro and more.

We perform the following to your engine:

  • Welded crankshaft
  • Balancing of crankshaft
  • Install EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
  • Install forged EP pistons with 8.5:1 CR with ceramic and teflon coating
  • Modify the gearbox for increased power and torque
  • Install our Turbocharger with dual port wastegate actuator
  • Install our ECU operated boost controller
  • Install modified 914 exhaust and muffler to our spec
  • Install EP Turbo camshaft



As a pilot in the NAS you are required to be aware of TFRs and other flight restrictions. This is a good source for searching for NOTAMS that could affect your flight.


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The Aviation Weather Center delivers consistent, timely and accurate weather information for the world airspace system.


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ForeFlight is a tremendous app on iPad or iPhone that includes all the information you could possible need for your flight planning, before, during and after your flight.




  • EAA AIRVENTURE OSHKOSH. The world's greatest aviation celebration. Warbirds. Vintage. Homebuilts. Gyroplanes. Ultralights. And you. Held every year around July in Oshkosh, WI.

  • The Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In is held every year, at the end of September, at El-Mirage Dry Lake, El Mirage, CA.